August 1, 2009


Let me explain who I…sorry, who we are….

I am a 30something girl who has finally fulfilled her childhood dreams and bought a puppy.!

Years of watching Crufts led me to my ideal dog….

So, this blog is about how this little puppy has grown and turned my life upside and inside out.

Hopefully you will all follow me on this incredible journey, and leave advice, tips and any comments you may have.




August 1, 2009

I have just had the worst walk of my life…..

Every month, my dog and I have our little socialisation walk into the centre of town. We walk past wheelchair users, kids, families, chippy’s etc… and we do lots of lovely sit and stays at the traffic lights.

Marvellous…..until today !!!!!!!

I decided to be brave and not walk him into the local town centre on his gencon or dogmatic…..but on a NORMAL lead….

It all went down hill from here!!!!!

We walked very nicely into town, past the buggies, wheelchairs, kids on bikes, kids on skateboards, and only mauled one father and child, so things were looking good

We did a good stop and wait while I took money from the machine, then we called into the pet shop for treats, and started walking back!.

All was well until……………….

Outside the chippy, and I’m sorry to be un-PC about this. A group of mentally challenged patients were being taken for a walk. Nothing wrong with this until two of them, grown men, started freaking out, screaming and wailing and had to be restrained and hurled to the ground……again nothing wrong with this…..EXCEPT…. my dog spotted…..3 boys…..with bikes…..and a jack russell !!!!!!

So while the traffic is slowing down, the crowds of onlookers are staring at the men screaming and wailing, my dog decides to go into full blown barking, then thrashing round on the lead and hurling himself towards the JR.

I shout to the boys to get the JR.

So the little boy owner of the JR picks up his little dog and walks into the MIDDLE of the road, thinking Ben is about to attack his dog. The two other little boys have pinned themselves against the wall with their bikes in front of them for protection!!!

I’m trying to control my thrashing dog, pick up tripe sticks and a squeaky toy which are all over the pavement, whilst trying to explain that he is a puppy and just wants to play! In the meantime, about 2 metres from where I am, these two men are still being held to the ground and are still screaming and wailing.

So the crowds have gathered and are watching the two terrified little boys, the boy standing in the middle of the road cuddling his JR stopping the traffic, the men mauled to the ground and my bloody dog thrashing like a red blooded Staffie on steriods !!!!!!!!

I managed to pick up the dogs shopping and somehow dragged him on two legs (not good for his hips I know) past the men who are now frothing at the mouth and fitting, and got the little sh*t home.

What a nightmare……

I’ve had two cups of tea and the dog is now sleeping on the sofa with his new squeaky toy

Hello world!

April 21, 2009

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